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Meet with a certified trainer who is responsible for guiding you through a safe and effective workout plan while providing you with encouragement and support.


-Workouts designed specifically to meet individual's fitness goals.

-Tracking of progress.

-Strength assessments.

-Motivation of events through goal-setting.

-Keep clients accountable.


                                     Personal Training Session Pricing:


                                     Private Personal Training Rates (1 Hour):

                                            1 Session - $80 per/session

                                            3 Sessions - $70 per/session

                                            8 Sessions - $60 per/session

                                           12 Sessions - $55 per/session

                                    Semi-Private Personal Training Rates for 2 People at Share/Cost (1 Hour):

                                            1 Session - $100 per/session (shared cost)

                                            3 Sessions - $90 per/session (shared cost)

                                            8 Sessions - $80 per/session (shared cost)

                                           12 Sessions - $75/session (shared cost)

                                                        (*Please note: Any Private or Semi-Private Sessions MUST be used within 3 months of purchase)

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