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Fusion Fitness provides you the benefit of various exercise methods. Disciplines as diverse as Kickboxing and Yoga, Tabata and Pilates, combine to form a new style of exercise that makes for a more effective, results-driven workout. Combining different types of exercise modalities into your workout is proven to help the body develop more strength, agility, balance and coordination than a single exercise discipline. Break the cycle of your stagnant exercise routine and adopt a regimen that is proven to get you RESULTS!


This class will take the clients outside for interval HIIT style training. This supervised exercise program is designed to improve strength, power, build muscle, and enhance body composition. The classes will increase fitness and conditioning levels, burn calories at a faster rate, elevate metabolic rate, and increase performance.


A system of physical conditioning involving low-impact exercises and stretches designed to strengthen muscles of the torso and often performed with Pilates apparatus. To expect: an exercise regimen that is typically performed on a floor mat or with the use of accompanied specialized apparatus.


This class is broken into two thirty-minute segments comprised of both TRX Suspension Training and Core Sculpting.

TRX: Suspension training system which allows users to work against their own bodyweight. Suspension training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. The TRX system leverages gravity and the users bodyweight to complete various exercises. The number of exercises that can be performed on this system is limitless. The system allows users of all fitness levels to tone and define their bodies. To expect: strengthening of muscles, aids in muscular imbalances, strengthening of core.

Core: Emphasis on building core strength, stability, and total body stretching. Core strength training differs from many traditional weight training routines by working both the lower back and abdominals in unison. All athletic movements incorporate the core in some way. We will utilize our own bodies as well as equipment to bring functionality and strength to this region. Disciplines such as Pilates, Barre, and resistance training will be incorporated. To expect: greater efficiency of movement, improved body control & balance, increased power output from both the core musculature and peripheral muscles, reduced risk of injury, improved balance & stability, improved athletic performance.

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